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Learn to play the France Horn; the most elegant and elongated of the brass winds

Being an arguably musical instrument, mere .gif files are incapable of expressing the aural totality of the France Horn. One must crank the brass for oneself


The France Horn was forged by Thew himself







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If you don't own the device, it is also possible to run games via the Simulator contained in the Playdate SDK, if you're really really motivated to play the France Horn I guess


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The France Horn is a truly noble instrument that blesses all who hear its majestic toot. France Horn/10


Absolutely a must-have application for the Playdate. Everyone should experience the sheer sonic majesty of the incredible France Horn.

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Since we don't have a hurdy gurdy app yet, the central idea of making the crank a microtonal pitch shifter is the single best and most natural way of turning the Playdate into a musical instrument that exists. The way the intervals are mapped to the rotation makes the implementation perfect. Boogie Loops can only dream.

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If a sound is played when the horn is made as short a possible, France Horn crashes and the Playdate has to restart. It didn't use to do this, so it might have something to do with the newest firmware the console is using (1.12.1)?


Never mind! The 1.12.2 system update fixed it!


playing running up that hill intro

and heres the tab tweet

heres the tweet with the tab soo you can play along too

I learned to play the Melonphone when I was a teen--very similar to the France Horn, but played with the opposite hand and better suited for marching. Thanks for the attention to detail in recreating this classic instrument!

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I recorded me playing some where over the rainbow also made tab so u can play along too in he reply tweet
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Iv been having loads of fun with this , learning some tunes.
ones that i found work are, somewhere over the rainbow, punk panther, in the hall of the mountin king.
il practice and make a video when im good enough :P

just noticed when revisiting tab that its somtimes different. this is beacuse u cna cointinue to turn the crank once u reach ether end which changes the base position. il have to include an inital start angle in the tab too





Love it!  One feature request: Currently both the A and B buttons and the D-Pad all do the same thing (play the current note).  Would it be possible to make the right D-Pad jump to (and play) one octave lower, and left D-pad jump to and play one octave higher.  And, since I realize this is not meant to be a serious musical instrument, have the B button make the french horn suddenly retract to the start position - like letting go of a tape measure and SMACK! The guy in the tux gets rocked back a little.

Actaully I just realized that was two feature requests.  Not really a math guy.  Sorry.


Thank you for teaching me how to play France Horn, I am truly blessed.

France Horn is easily among the top five France Horn simulators for the Playdate console, and well worth your time. It opens up the possibility of bringing more instruments to a wide audience such as the Tromboon and the Badgermin!